Sunday, November 2, 2008

Highlights from San Francisco and Portland!

We went to Hidden Villa Farm about 1hr from San Francisco to learn about how they connect with the SF community and teach kids about where their food comes from!

After Hidden Villa, we returned to University of Santa Clara where we went to a protest students and cafeteria workers had organized to fight for a better contract with their employer.

The cafeteria workers were not being able to exercise their voice through their union, but they organized anyway...

and were supported by workers from other locals

Later in the day we went to University of SF, where a club Mike Aguilar (current intern in Thailand) is a part of organized a speaking event for Nok.

In the event, students tracked the process of products going from producers to consumers in the fair trade system versus conventional trade.

Nok helped students understand what is wrong with conventional trade.

We went to a farm where Ellen Roggeman, from ENGAGE, is helping communities in SF become more self reliant.

Gotta go for now! More soon.....

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